Most smartphones now come with an integrated camera. Such a smartphone is called a camera phone. Popularity of camera phones is rising and it is expected that 87.8% of United States population will possess camera phones by year 2020 (Euromonitor International, 2017). A camera phone’s workflow for capturing, editing, and sharing images on social media has become very efficient. Its ease of use, accessibility, and automatic exposure settings to capture an image has contributed to its popularity. Camera phones are more compact and convenient than professional DSLR cameras. The popularity of this technology has created a need to study and evaluate image quality of photographs from the camera phone. Numerous image-editing applications and adjustments are available to edit these images on the phone itself. Previous studies have shown the reasons why people like to edit their images captured by camera phones (Bakhshi et al., 2014; Bakhshi et al., 2015). This psychophysical study aims to determine the preference related to detail-enhancement adjustments for images captured by camera phones. The image contents used in this study are selfies and food images. Images possessing two levels of high and low ISO were evaluated. The stimuli for the psychophysical experiment were created by editing these images with clarity, contrast and sharpness adjustments. By recording participants’ response and analyzing the data, observers’ preference were determined for different detail-enhancement (DE) adjustments and content of images captured by camera phones. Results showed that the preference for detail-enhancement adjustments was subjective and varied by both person and image. Participants preferred low ISO DE images more than high ISO DE images. Overall, only slight preferences were observed between images possessing different DE adjustments, DE levels and contents, but a significant preference was not observed in any of these variables.

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Digital images--Editing--Public opinion; Imaging systems--Image quality--Public opinion; Photography--Digital techniques; Smartphones

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