The economy of Kosovo for decades has been fueled by remittances sent from Kosovar diaspora. These remittances have improved the standard of living in Kosovo, however, the full potential of diaspora for economic development of Kosovo has not been utilized properly by Kosovo’s institutions. Thus, this study focuses on analyzing the current framework of institutions in Kosovo that aim to translate the contribution of diaspora from sending remittances, which in short term increases the budget of their families, to direct investments that have an impact in the overall economy of Kosovo. Using both primary and secondary data this study will explain the challenges that Kosovo faces in attracting investment from Kosovar Diaspora. Both qualitative and quantities research methods have been used to provide a better view of the issue from multiple perspectives. Representatives from governmental institutions and NGO’s involved in investment attraction have been interviewed, while at the same time a survey for diaspora businesses has been conducted. All the information collected from primary and secondary sources made it possible to draw conclusions and recommendations on how to improve the framework of Kosovar institutions to attract investments from diaspora.

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Senior Project

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Venera Demukaj


RIT Kosovo