The focus of this research is to understand the changing role of HR professional through technological advancements. This includes looking into recruitment technologies which reduce the amount of time it takes recruiters to go through every application. Additionally, this thesis will focus on understanding these implications in different countries who have introduced these technological advancements and comparing them to a developing country, such as Kosovo. Kosovo, as a case study, provides an insightful view of how an under-research and under-developed HR program and field can affect the businesses and organizations in the country. The research shows that the role of HR will shift towards training, development and strategic roles for the most part, while also concentrating on reward systems and benefits for the employees. The lack of data on HRM and the lack of HR technologies in Kosovo, make it difficult to understand how citizens of this country view the role of an HR manager. Lastly, it gives recommendations on how this situation can improve in Kosovo and why the use of HR technologies is important in helping to shift these new roles of HR professionals, in the benefit of them but also for the organization and employees.

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Senior Project

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Venera Demukaj


RIT Kosovo