There is a global drive to accelerate the growth and development of nations through innovation and technology. Supporting new businesses has become a priority on the global agenda and their critical role as key drivers of growth and development is beginning to be recognized in developing countries. It is crucial to distinguish and place at the heart of any strategy the significant impact of establishing new and relevant companies which will design, develop and support products and services that meet the needs of the society and are valuable for developing the economy in Kosovo. This research study, analyzes the entrepreneurship environment through specifically focusing on startups and innovation infrastructure in Kosovo. It will try to investigate the main challenges that startups and entrepreneurs face while trying to asses innovative technological advancements in order to build a prosperous society. By the same token, while trying to analyze the current pace of change that startups and entrepreneurs bring on an economic, political and social landscape, this study will also try to identify the waves of opportunities that come along with startups towards the goals of resolving critical issues in any field. To conclude, creating an ecosystem of innovation to provide solutions to meet the needs and demands of our society will foster a startup culture that is inclusive, efficient and valuable for the whole society.

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Senior Project

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Venera Demukaj


RIT Kosovo