After traveling, Ming (38) and Qinyi (35) pack their stuff to catch the flight. A sudden email destroys Ming’s mood: he lost his new job. Then he sees his share price fall. He is upset with his wife and vents his anger to his son, Tommy (6). Qinyi thinks that Ming still has a grudge because she is unable to have another baby. They start to go to the airport in an awkward atmosphere.

On the road, Ming refuses to stop the car, which makes Tommy urinating on the seat. A STRANGER follows their car and keeps flashing him. Ming keeps speeding and blocks the man's way because he thinks he is being offended. However, the stranger surpasses him and shouts to him. Tommy tells him the stranger said something is wrong with his car, but Ming thinks he was just being targeted by the man. Qinyi says that Ming is overreacting. Ming fights back and his distraction makes the car fall into the ditch.

Their fights are still going on after they see nobody was hurt. Tired of their fight, Tommy sneaks out disappointedly. Ming walks out to avoid the quarrel but he suddenly finds that Tommy is missing. They see Tommy’s hat on the cliff and are filled with nothing but worries. They decide to search for Tommy separately.

Without finding any clue, Ming goes back to the car helplessly. He sees Tommy sitting inside safely and realized that Tommy was hurt by their arguments. They also find out that the car accident was caused by a flat tire which the stranger mentioned before. Ming realizes he was blinded by anger and asks for the forgiveness from Tommy. Then, they go to find Qinyi with apologies.

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Motion picture authorship; Motion pictures--Production and direction; Anger--Drama

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Film and Animation (MFA)

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