Procrastination is becoming an issue of people daily lives. This thesis aims to use a short film called Mudboy to investigate what is the main factors that caused procrastination, and raise public awareness of procrastination, through a story about lazy boy whom turns himself into mud whenever he feels like running away from doing his work. Mudboy was developed based on a strictly scheduled plan. More specifically, in the first stage, research and planning were conducted, with significant emphasis on idea creation, story creation, and animatic design. Following the theories and evidence of comprehensive research, a 3D animation story integrating fluid motion concepts combined with a narrative is applied to dramatize the impacts of procrastination upon human behavior. In this stage, modeling for characters was conducted, along with scene design, scene modeling, layout, and mapping and textures. As the leading figure of the story is a boy, a series of character models and sketches are designed in different statuses, including liquid status, various facial expressions, and so forth. When it comes to the story plots, with applications of character modeling and scene modeling. The final phase of the whole thesis covers character animation, lighting, and rendering. In the end, the thesis concluded three main methods, which are changing the environment, focusing on the process and offering reward, to overcome procrastination. This thesis illustrates the cause and effect of procrastination, hence it reminds audiences to pay attention to procrastination and to surmount procrastination.

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Computer animation--Themes, motives; Computer animation--Technique; Animated films--Themes, motives; Animation (Cinematography); Procrastination--Drama

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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