The emergence of technologically oriented small business ventures referred to as start-ups has brought in another global trend, the emergence of start-up incubators. Although business incubators have been present since the 1950’s, their importance has never been greater. Local governments, as well as private entities, have recognized the importance of business incubation as a driving force of innovation and the economy as a whole. This qualitative study is focused on examining experiences of tenants located in two start-up incubators in the city of Zagreb – public Tehnološki Park Zagreb – The Technology Park Zagreb incubator, and privately owned Zagrebački Inkubator Poduzetništva – Zagreb Entrepreneurship Incubator. Examining and comparing the two Zagreb incubators provided insight on the quality of services and support that are offered to Zagreb start-ups, while taking their tenants’ expectations into account, as well as their motivations for joining. The goal of this study was to gain deeper understanding of the process of incubation in two Zagreb start-up incubators, as well as to examine possibilities for further improvements of their programs.

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Master's Project

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Service Leadership and Innovation (MS)

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Department of Service Systems (CET)


Jennifer Matic


RIT Croatia