That Which Has No Name is an ongoing body of collage work about home, memory, intimacy, and family history. The photographs in these collages were made out of the process of photographing my daily experience between 2017 and 2019. Alongside them are the original family photographs that were made when my parents and I immigrated from Cuba to the United States in 1998. In these collages, expressive marks of ink, handwriting, and text are combined with photographs that are glued onto paper in order to communicate experiences and emotions. They depict a personal experience that is unique, one in which viewers can connect to, but cannot fully experience. The work seeks to use the personal as a vehicle to talk about the broader human condition. It is about making sense of life as it’s unfolding, and the role in which photography plays as evidence, storytelling, or fragments of experience.

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Photocollage; Photography, Artistic; Photography of families; Memory in art

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Photography and Related Media (MFA)

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School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (CAD)


Christine Shank

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Joshua Thorson


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