Recently in China, seniors’ health and living conditions after retirement have become the focus of increasing political and social concerns. Due to fertility policies in China since the 1980s, improvements in living conditions have led to longer average lifespan, increasing demand in the country’s senior housing market. This research explores the future development of senior housing for this and the next generation, the evolution of needs after retirement, and possible future solutions for providing an up-to-date senior housing community in Wuhan, China. Through documentary analysis of the current conditions as well as the needs and social concerns of seniors, case studies of successful senior housing projects, interviews with seniors and other generations in Wuhan, and online surveys, this study aims to look for possible future solutions for a sustainable community complex. To meet the need to live in a community that provides comfortable housing, and the desire of seniors to stay close to their family, this proposal seeks a solution that is affordable and suitable. This study aims to analyze the framework of a senior housing model that provides human services as well as physical infrastructure needed by seniors and their families for the well-being and high quality of life for seniors in the future. This analysis is developed based on Wuhan, a typical populous city in northern will China, which potentially has further influence on senior housing in other cities in China.

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Older people--Housing--China--Wuhan--Design and construction; Retirement communities--Design and construction

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