Air travel may not be an extremely lucrative business in today's economic climate, but while profits may be down, they can at least take comfort knowing that their advertising work has been done for them. Its difficult to improve upon the subtle link in the American consumer's mind between air travel and exotic vacation ads. A successful ad campaign for a major airline could very well simply be a picture of a beautiful island getaway, and the name of the airline – nothing more. How could this possibly be improved upon? Simple: Sex! One doesn't have to think for too long to conjure up images of brief, cramped encounters in the airline bathrooms. Airlines have been capitalizing on the use of sex in their business for years – images of flight attendants in the late 1970's reveal uniforms that might as well be replaced with bathing suits. However, as working conditions for women improved with time, those uniforms disappeared. Airlines, however, still know that sex sells. They've simply shifted the sex appeal from in-flight to print ads.

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2009 Stan McKenzie Prize for Writing in the First Year - Second Place

College: Computer and Information Sciences

Program: Applied Networking & System Administration

Professor: Andrew Perry

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