The innovation of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, an inexpensive, ubiquitous, Linux based platform will change how we do business in the world of IoT and the educational technology field. The Information and Computing Studies Department has used Raspberry Pi devices and IoT technology to significantly enhance students’ learning. The AAS degree students were assigned to replace the Lego Mindstorm NXT controllers with their smart cars using a Raspberry Pi controlled module which they designed. By using using the Raspian Pi Operating System, a user friendly program called Scratch and some off-the shelf interfacing the students were able to design and implement a successful smart car. WiFi options made programming the cars more robust. Raspberry Pi continues to be developed and revised, and its popularity should ensure ready access well into the foreseeable future for the smart car activity. The author’s research, development and testing will show the their results with using Raspian OS, Raspberry Pi and two Mindstorms interfaces for the Raspberry Pi.

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Slides for presentation at the ASEE Zone 1 Spring Conference, Niagara Falls, NY, April 2019

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Information and Computing Studies (NTID)


RIT – Main Campus