Engineering Design Tools aims to teach students to use industry standard CAD tools in the context of a design and build course. Previous versions of the course have been taught utilizing Creo Parametric. To alleviate install concerns, distributed team work, and the challenges of learning Creo in a short time frame, the class transitioned to utilizing Onshape. To quote the Onshape website - “Onshape is the first CAD system built for teams. Students can work in groups and edit models together simultaneously. Teachers can distribute assignments, review work and give feedback with ease. Additionally, Onshape keeps a complete history of changes so students will never accidentally lose work or overwrite each other's data.” [1]

As Onshape was only released in 2014, there isn’t significant adoption in industry. This is a concern that students and the department faculty share. The goal was to increase focus on CAD for College. By utilizing a package that can easily be used in other aspects of a student’s college career, they might be more likely to “use it or lose it”. This paper will address how the course incorporates concepts of lifelong learning to facilitate students expanding the topics learned in class to other CAD platforms that may be more desirable on a resume.

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