The present study analyzes spectrophotometers with two different optical geometries, namely unidirectional 45° instruments and spherical 8°instruments, for building ICC profiles of inkjet-printed textiles. Unidirectional 45° instruments are utilized extensively in the graphic arts, while spherical 8° instruments are more commonly used in the textile industry. One limitation to using spherical 8° instruments for ICC profiling is that profiles built of printing conditions typically require readings of hundreds of patches, and there is only one known instrument configuration that can automate this process, while choices abound for automated instrumentation with unidirectional 45° for ICC profiling. Using a ColorScout A+, a robotic "x,y" table that is instrument agnostic and able to accommodate both handheld unidirectional 45° instruments and spherical 8°instruments in automating multiple readings, profiles are built and analyzed for two different inkjet-printed textile substrates.

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Presented at the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts, March 19 - 22, 2017 Houston, TX

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School of Media Sciences (CET)


RIT – Main Campus