In this paper, we describe the design and technological methods of

our dynamic sprite system in Lost & Found, a table-top-to-mobile

card game designed to improve literacy regarding prosocial

aspects of religious legal systems, specifically, collaboration and

cooperation. Harnessing the capabilities of Unreal Engine’s

Paper2D system, we created a dynamic content creation pipeline

that empowered our game designers so that they could rapidly

iterate on the game’s systems and balance externally from the

engine. Utilizing the Unreal Blueprint component system we were

also able to modularize each actor during runtime as data may be

changed. The technological approach behind Lost & Found uses

Unreal Engine and Paper2D in order to maximize scalability and

dynamic content creation. We believe our methods will be useful

for any developer with large volumes of data, intensive procedural

content in their game, or those who would like to improve their

workflow when working with dynamic data.

Date of creation, presentation, or exhibit

Summer 8-14-2017

Document Type

Conference Paper

Department, Program, or Center

School of Interactive Games and Media (GCCIS)


RIT – Main Campus