Archaeoacoustic Analysis of Kanda Hill in Macedonia


Archaeoacoustic and Electromagnetic research of ancient sites is becoming an established discipline. SB Research Group (SBRG) have been developing a new methodology over the last give years using a practical archaeoacoustic standard (SBSA), which helps to explain certain phenomena which are commonly found at sacred sites. Applying this expertise enabled better understanding of the specific EM and acoustic wave emissions present on Kanda Hill, Macedonia. Analyzing these emissions enables better understanding of what lies below the surface. The previous research paper (ARSA 2014) demonstrated evidence of various physical phenomena present at this ancient site and the artificial origin of this hill, which should now be referred to as a tumulus. At the time of writing, the presence of interior cavities was suspected, possibly consisting of a small number of chambers and passageways. This hypothesis is corroborated by the evidence presented in this paper.

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Originally presented at the 4th Advanced Research in Scientific Areas Conference, November 9-13, 2015, University of Zilina, Slovakia

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