A new digital image compression algorithm based on nonlinear dynamical systems

Chance Glenn
Michael Eastman
Gaurav Paliwal

Sponsor: Syncrodyne Systems Corporation. Isbn: 84-933971-5-6, issn: 1698-1073. Note: imported from RIT's Digital Media Library running on DSpace to RIT Scholar Works on April 2014.


In this paper we discuss the formulation of, and show the results for, a new compression/decompression algorithm called DYNAMAC, that has its basis in nonlinear systems theory. We show that we are able to achieve significant compression of RGB image data while maintaining good image quality. We discuss the implementation of this algorithm in hardware, show that the same process is applicable to other digital forms of data, demonstrate that the decompression process is ideal for streaming applications, and show that the algorithm has an exploitable aspect of encryption useful for digital rights management and secure transmission. We discuss our methodology for the improvement of the performance of this codec.