As the world of academic research shifts gears into the digital age, AI-powered tools are beginning to shape the scholarly landscape. Just as high-performance vehicles transformed the world of car racing, AI-powered tools like scite, Elicit, and Research Rabbit have the potential to revolutionize the traditional literature review process. This presentation will accelerate your understanding of AI literature review tools and how these technologies can turbocharge the research process. Navigating between traditional library tools and AI-powered systems can be like choosing the right vehicle for the race. AI tools can enhance the speed, depth, and breadth of literature reviews, allowing researchers to cover more ground in less time. AI technology that is embedded in library databases and productivity software is also changing, and potentially disrupting, the research experience. This session will describe the potential impact of AI literature review tools on library patrons, professionals and vendors. Much like a driving manual, our session is designed to help librarians understand the basics of these AI tools, their functionality, and scope. Our goal is to equip attendees with the foundational knowledge needed to steer their way around these technologies and share insights into when and why to recommend these tools to scholars who are increasingly interested in harnessing the potential of AI to improve research productivity. We may not recommend a high-octane, zero-to-sixty transformation, but participants will learn how to strategically adopt and effectively integrate these tools into their practice and be ready to navigate the evolving landscape of research tools.

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Winter 11-9-2023

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RIT Libraries


RIT – Main Campus