The From Russia with Love Symposium, which took place at the College of Liberal Arts, Rochester Institute of technology in April 2013, was a multifaceted cultural event that facilitated new discussions on Russian literature, philosophy, and art. The Symposium included an array of events such as: academic papers, musical performances, a film screening, a stage production of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, and book and poetry readings.

From this open access Proceedings, you can search, browse, and download the articles of the From Russia with Love Symposium. The articles featured are:

  1. Dr. Julian Connolly: “From Russia to America- the Depiction of Nationality in Nabokov’s Work”
  2. Dr. John Givens: “Tolstoy’s Jesus versus Dostoevsky’s Christ: A Tale of Two Christologies.”
  3. Dr. Dinah Holtzman: From Russia with Lust: The Sadomasochistic (Homo) Erotics of Sergei Eisenstein’s Mexico.”
  4. Caitlin Purdy: "Finding Lolita's Voice: Reconciling Love, Truth, and Art."
  5. Dr. Elena Rakhimova-Sommers: “The New Woman is a Fertile One: Public Awareness Advertising and Russia’s ‘Boost the Birthrate Campaign.’”
  6. Michael Sarnowski: “Exile, Escape, and Reprieve: Poetry of Displacement from the Russian Revolution through World War II.” ”
  7. Dr. Maxim Shrayer: Waiting for America.
  8. Ashleigh Butler: “Dolor, Dolores: The Duality of Love in Lolita.

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