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Presented Posters

Characterization of Gait Patterns in Common Gait Rehabilitation Exercises

Jared Green, Rochester Institute of Technology
Elizabeth A. DeBartolo, Rochester Institute of Technology
Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard, Rochester Institute of Technology

Deaf STEM Community Alliance: Establishing a Model Virtual Academic Community

Lisa B. Elliot
Donna Easton
E. William Clymer

Developing An Atrial Activity-based Algorithm For Detection Of Atrial Fibrillation

Steven Ladavich
Behnaz Ghoraani

Entropy & Frequency Analysis of New Electrocardiogram Lead Placement for Atrial Fibrillation Detection

Baabak Mamaghani
Mark Sterling
Donna Gruendike
Mark Hamer
Behnaz Ghoraani

Get Mobile Captioning Anywhere

Michael Stinson
Lisa Elliot
Justin Mahar
Donna Easton
Pamela Francis

How To Use C-Print Mobile

Michael Stinson
Donna Easton
Lisa Elliot
Justin Mahar
Pamela Francis

Learning to Generate Understandable Animations of American Sign Language

Matt Huenerfauth

Programmable Sound Detection (PSD)

Gary Behm
Joseph Stanislow

Self-Adjusting Biofeedback with a Dynamic Feedback Signal Set (DyFSS)

Laurence I. Sugarman
Brian L. Garrison
Anna E. Hope
Stephen Jacobs
Alex J. Glade
Michael R. Wezalis
Kelsey L. Williford

Using iPads in the Classroom to Help Improve Academic Gains for Students with Disabilities

Nicole Quick

Wear Assessment of a Novel Squeeze-Film Artificial Hip Joint

Sean A. Coots
Stephen Boedo