Rochester, NY is a community of service providers, companies, and universities helping people with disabilities. More than one billion people worldwide live with some form of disability and these numbers continue to grow as our elderly and military veteran populations expand. Last year, RIT held its first conference on Effective Access Technology. The event was enthusiastically received and well attended. This year the conference was expanded to engage more agency partners, developers and increase university involvement. The two-day conference featured speakers, exhibits, and poster sessions. The conference provided an opportunity to share ideas and innovative solutions to the challenges in applying Technology to make Access for individuals truly Effective.

Papers were presented in poster format in the following areas:

• The development of hardware, software, or processes that assist people with disabilities in daily living activities, the workplace, the classroom, the rehabilitation process, and/or recreational activities

• Research related to challenges faced by individuals with sensory, physical, and/or cognitive disabilities

• Topics related to the incorporation of technology to provide effective access such as: universal design, needs assessment, and the interaction between individuals, service providers, developers and manufacturers

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Papers - 2nd Annual Effective Access Technology Conference