Print Media Distribution is the first publication to comprehensively examine the infrastructure and systems of print media distribution, offering workflow solutions that can provide significant advantages to print producers' business models. Twyla Cummings is the Paul & Louise Miller Distinguished Professor and Graduate Coordinator of the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Print Media, and is also an RIT Printing Industry Center (CIAS) researcher. Bernice LeMaire is an account executive with Garner Printing. This book, the third volume in the Printing Industry Center (CIAS) Series, analyzes the distribution workflow of printed products and examines the well-defined print production process that results in end users receiving various print materials such as newspapers, magazines and catalogs.

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This book is the third Printing Industry Center (CIAS) Series book; a co-publication of RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press and the RIT Printing Industry Center (CIAS). Like the other books in the series, the New Medium of Print and Data-Driven Print, this book is published simultaneously in an offset version and an on-demand, digitally-printed version. ISBN: 978-1-933360-31-7

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Printing Industry Center (CIAS)


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