Patricia Sorce


Periodic print promotions by retailers are still a popular means of advertising. However, the continued use is being questioned by retail advertising managers who are looking to justify their spending on these forms of advertising. What are they getting in return? The purpose of this research is to determine the advertising metrics used to measure the impact of inserted media advertising. The main research objective was to benchmark the advertising measurement practices of retailers that use inserted media. Descriptive research will assess: 1. The types of inserted media used in the last year, 2. The proportion of inserted media versus ROP (run-of-press ads), 3. The likelihood that the budget allocated for inserts will increase or decrease in the next year, 4. How the retailers assess the impact of inserted advertising, and 5. How effective inserted advertising is when compared to the other advertising media being used. In addition, hypotheses tests investigated whether those retailers who measure results of their advertising make different kinds of decisions than those who do not.

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