New Architectures, protocols, and middleware for ad hoc collaborative computing

Alan Kaminsky
Hans-Peter Bischof

Note: imported from RIT’s Digital Media Library running on DSpace to RIT Scholar Works in October 2013.


The existing Internet architecture and protocols are not suitable for the newly emerging ad hoc collaborative computing systems. New architectures, protocols, and middleware specifically designed for the new ad hoc collaborative computing systems are needed. While work is currently being done to adapt the Internet architecture and protocols so the new systems can be developed and deployed, the fundamental characteristics that make the Internet unsuitable for the new systems — address-based messaging, one-to-one communication, and central servers — still remain. We envision alternative architectures, protocols, and middleware with the opposite characteristics — no central servers, broadcast communication, and content-based messaging. Many-to-Many Invocation (M2MI) and the Many-to-Many Protocol (M2MP) are an initial realization of this vision.