Two hundred thirty nearby main-sequence stars with spectral types in the range of A to G have been observed by way of speckle interferometry using the WIYN 3.5 m telescope at Kitt Peak, Arizona. The stars had no previous mention of duplicity in the literature. Of those observed, 14 showed clear evidence of a companion, and 63 were classified as suspected nonsingle based on a power spectrum analysis. The remaining stars discussed show no evidence of duplicity to the limit of the detection system in high-quality observations.

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We are grateful to J. Gethyn Timothy for continued use of the speckle optics package and to Charles Corson, David Sawyer, Wendy Shook, Gillian Rosenstein, and Eugene McDougall at Kitt Peak for their excellent assistance with the telescope, as well as the referee. This work was funded by JPL subcontract 1201846 from the Preparatory Science Program for the Space Interferometry Mission, and a Theodore Dunham, Jr. Grant from the Fund for Astrophysical Research. It also made use of the Washington Double Star Catalog, maintained at the US Naval Observatory, and the SIMBAD database, operated at CDS, Strasbourg, France.

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