Enhancing e-business on the semantic web through automatic multimedia representation

Manjeet Rege
Ming Dong
Farshad Fotouhi

Note: imported from RIT’s Digital Media Library running on DSpace to RIT Scholar Works in October 2013.


With the evolution of the next generation Web, the Semantic Web, e-business can be expected to grow into a more collaborative effort in which businesses compete with each other by collaborating to provide the best product to a customer. Electronic collaboration involves data interchange with multimedia data being one of them. Digital multimedia data in various formats has increased tremendously in recent years on the Internet. An automated process that can represent multimedia data in a meaningful way for the Semantic Web is highly desired. In this chapter, we propose an Automatic Multimedia Representation System for the Semantic Web. The proposed system learns a statistical model based on the domain specific training data and performs automatic semantic annotation of multimedia data using XML techniques. We demonstrate the advantage of annotating multimedia data using XML over the traditional keyword based approaches and discuss how it can help e-business.