With the ever-increasing demands of e-commerce, the need for smarter warehousing is increasing exponentially. Such warehouses requires industry automation beyond Industry 4.0. In this work, we use consumer-grade millimeter-wave (mmWave) equipment to enable fast, and low-cost implementation of our localization system. However, the consumer-grade mmWave routers suffer from coarse-grained channel state information due to cost-effective antenna array design limiting the accuracy of localization systems. To address these challenges, we present a Machine Learning (ML) and Kalman Filter (KF) integrated localization system (KF-Loc). The ML model learns the complex wireless features for predicting the static position of the robot. When in dynamic motion, the static ML estimates suffer from position mispredictions, resulting in loss of accuracy. To overcome the loss in accuracy, we design and integrate a KF that learns the dynamics of the robot motion to provide highly accurate tracking. Our system achieves centimeter-level accuracy for the two aisles with RMSE of 0.35m and 0.37m, respectively. Further, compared with ML only localization systems, we achieve a significant reduction in RMSE by 28.5% and 54.3% within the two aisles.

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