Goals: This paper discusses the need for a predictable method to evaluate gains and gaps of collaborative technology-mediated workflows and introduces an evaluation framework to address this need. Methods: The Collaborative Space Analysis Framework (CS-AF), introduced in this research, is a cross-disciplinary evaluation method designed to evaluate technology-mediated collaborative workflows. The 5-step CS-AF approach includes: (1) current-state workflow definition, (2) current-state (baseline) workflow assessment, (3) technology-mediated workflow development and deployment, (4) technology-mediated workflow assessment, (5) analysis, and conclusions. For this research, a comprehensive, empirical study of hypertension exam workflow for telehealth was conducted using the CS-AF approach. Results: The CS-AF systemized approach reveals critical cross-disciplinary evaluation data concerning gains and gaps of collaborative workflows when technology-mediated enhancements are characterized and compared with a baseline workflow for the goal of continuous workflow improvement. Conclusion: The CS-AF is an effective approach that can be adapted for use in multiple domains.

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Fall 12-30-2021


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