any video resources exist to teach Mendelian genetics, but most consist of passive delivery of information rather than active construction of knowledge by users. We have created two interactive video vignettes (IVVs) that can be used together or separately to introduce students to core concepts of genetics, using principles of active learning (e.g., elicit-confront-resolve, directed feedback, reflection). These online resources are free and can be assigned as homework for students to complete outside of class. Each IVV features a realistic scenario of undergraduate students investigating genetic phenomena by collecting and analyzing data. During the IVVs, the user is integrated into the process, answers conceptual questions, receives feedback based on their answers, and reflects on the experience by comparing their original ideas to their new understandings. Marfamily is primarily designed to teach pedigree construction and analysis, while A Matter of Taste addresses common misconceptions about dominance. Both also demonstrate the scientific method. Users cannot advance without answering the questions, although they can review past scenes. Resources for both formative and summative assessment are provided. The IVV is easily integrated into any course where an introduction to or review of basic genetics is needed.

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