The principal study objective was to define whether memory deficits (numerical, working, verbal-mechanical, verbal-logical and visual memory) occurred in patients submitted to surgery for brain artery aneurysm and whether significant recovery of memory took place with time. The study sample included 92 patients, i.e. 35 (38%) male and 57 (62%) female patients aged 27 to 76 years. Neuropsychological testing was conducted at Zagreb University Hospital Centre, Department of Neurosurgery, from 1998 to 2012, in two time intervals: first within 11 months following surgery, and then 12 to 48 months after surgery. The obtained results showed that verbal-mechanical, verballogical, and visual memory deficits were present in the first testing interval. In the second testing, the verbal-logical and visual memory deficits were still present, while the tests of verbal-mechanical memory showed deficits in capacity and learning curve, but the results for short- and long-term memory were within the normal ranges. Neither the first nor the second testing showed deficits of numerical and working memory. Based on our results, we can conclude that long-term verbal-mechanical and visual short- and long-term memory had recovered to a statistically significant level, whereas other types of memory showed no significant recovery.

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