Orbscan software product recovery phase I

S. Ludi
M. Lutz
J. Scott Hawker
T. Reichlmayr

Technical report for RIT's software engineering department.


The process of software reengineering involves the analysis of a system in order to identify the system's components and their interrelationships, and create representations of the system in another form or at a higher abstraction The primary goal of this project is to develop a reengineering strategy that addresses current product support risks and the long term vision of the application architecture and supporting development methodologies for the Orbscan product line. A team of faculty members from RIT's Software Engineering Department will analyze the current Orbscan product code base with the objectives of reverse engineering the product's software requirements, high-level design and system test plans. Recommendations for the continued support and evolution of the product will be presented in the context of a software development plan for future project phases. Bausch & Lomb's Orbscan