The Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation conducted several surveys for gray whales on the southern Central Coast of British Columbia during the summer of 2003. Three surveys were conducted in CERF’s usual study area near Cape Caution, and three along the west coast of Calvert Island. Additional shorter surveys were also conducted of the Rivers Inlet / Smith Sound region north of Cape Caution. A total of 50 animals were identified from the pigmentation on their flanks. Twelve of these were new to the area in 2003. All but three were photographed. The animals not photographed (due to a camera malfunction) were identified visually by an experienced observer. Twelve animals were identified in the Cape Caution area by Cascadia Research, only one of which had not also been identified by CERF crews. A shift in habitat use was observed. Animals were observed regularly feeding off the west coast of Calvert Island for the first time since CERF began its research in the area in 1994. Also for the first time since 1994, no animals were observed feeding off Allison Harbour in June and July. They returned to North Bay and Allison Harbour in August. Overall, the home range size of individual animals increased from about 4 nautical miles in 2002 to about ten in 2003.

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Was conducted for the "National Marine Fisheries Service" in Seattle, Washington.Note: imported from RIT’s Digital Media Library running on DSpace to RIT Scholar Works in February 2014.

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