We have obtained Integral Field Spectroscopy for 23 spiral bulges using INTEGRAL on the William Herschel Telescope and SPIRAL on the Anglo-Australian Telescope. This is the first 2D survey directed solely at the bulges of spiral galaxies. Eleven galaxies of the sample do not have previous measurements of the stellar velocity dispersion([sigma]*) . These data are designed to complement our Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph program for estimating black hole masses in the range 10[to the 6th power] −10[to the 8th power] M⊙ using gas kinematics from nucleated disks. These observations will serve to derive the stellar dynamical bulge properties using the traditional Mgb and CaII triplets. We use both Cross Correlation and Maximum Penalized Likelihood to determine projected [sigma]* in these systems and present radial velocity fields, major axis rotation curves, curves of growth and [sigma]* fields. Using the Cross Correlation to extract the low order 2D stellar dynamics we generally see coherent radial rotation and irregular velocity dispersion fields suggesting that [sigma]* is a non-trivial parameter to estimate (Refer to PDF file for exact formulas).

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